Mushroom Bags
  • Large Size, Great Value
    50 Pack of 5" X 6" X 20" Grow Bags that allow plenty of room
    for mushroom growing and spawn, substrate and fruiting.
    These side-gusseted & breathable bags stand up and hold strong.

    Tear Resistant
    2x thicker than most bags, these are designed to withstand high
    temperatures that come with sterilization.

    Excellent Filtering
    .2 Micron filter patch allows for gas to freely be exchanged, while keeping
    contaminants out. The clear bag helps to quickly spot any instances of

    Grow Like A Pro
    Mushroom growers around the globe use these bags to dramatically reduce
    space needed to grow or spawn mushrooms when compared to trays, tubs.

    Multi Use
    For inoculation of media with mushroom oyster spawn, clone oyster mushrooms
    and more - you’ll have magic unicorn results!